Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Day

I've been back in Uni for just over 2 weeks, and its all getting a little bit stressful.
Its 16 days until my write up for my Morocco field trip and I havent really done anything for it. The presentation we did the other week went surprisingly well considering we were told we had done it wrong at the time.
I spent the weekend at my dads, where I got set a baking challenge for the weekend. I was challenged to make choux buns, ice cream, grassini and macaroons. All bar the macaroons went well... we don't know how the macaroons went so wrong, but I guess all I need to do is practice!
This weekend I am off to Plymouth to go and visit my boyfriend (still a bit weird saying that)! I am so looking forward to it, even though I do have to work when I am there, but just to spend time with him will be bliss. We are also going to see The Avengers, which I am really excited about.
Being the 1st of May, it is 2 months until I go on holiday. Recently I have been bad about going to the gym, so I thought that this significant date would prompt me to getting back into it again. I want to be toned for my bikini!
Anyway, not much has been happening other than that.
Oh,  found a house for next year! I am living with an old friend and 2 of his friends in a gorgeous house, 2 mins from all my friends.
Its looking like everything is finally falling into place!

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