Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Home Straight

So I havent posted in a few weeks, and I guess I don't really have an excuse.
Up to Thursday, I had been working on the write up from my trip to Morocco. It was a nightmare to write up as it just seemed never ending. I finally got it handed in though.
I also had been galavanting about a bit as well. I have been to Edinburgh to visit my uncle and I have been down to Plymouth twice as well. With all this travelling around the country, Ive actually only spent a short amount of time in Newcastle this term!
I am writing this on the train back up from the South, having spent a lovely weekend with my boyfriend for his birthday. Its just been so lovely, I am always 100 times happier when I am with him, but this time it was different. Yesterday marked the start of summer for me. The combination of sun, feeling warm outside and the feeling that everyone was slightly more relaxed, made this weekend very close to perfect. In fact, if it wasn't because of my exam next week, the need to go to the gym and to see the girlies, I doubt  I would have got on the train today.
It is also the final month of my years resolution to become more self acceptance. On critical reflection, I have not tried quite as hard as I should have done. I have discussed it with the man, and he agrees that when all that stuff happened just before Christmas, I retreated back, and havent quite been able to make up for it. In some ways, I have got worse, but I am talking to people to rectify those things.
However, I look upon this month as the last chance that I have to really go for it. When it comes to uni stuff I only have this one exam on the 30th, and then I move out of my current flat the next day. That weekend I also have the Jubilee flotilla, which will be hugely fun, but will also be long. Therefore I have ample time to really get to it. I am going to be going to the gym 4 times a week, in hope that I can carry it on though out the whole summer and might even start training for another long distance run. I am going to get back on top of my diet, so I dont feel like I have to do silly things to compensate for what I eat. I am going to go and and have supper with my new flatmates on Thursday and sign the contract, and I am going to cook supper for the Deloitte girls on Friday. I also need to get in contact with work and tell them when I am free, and then I need to decide what I am going to do about getting the ball rolling on my dissertation.
I am going to need to put in some serious effort to make this last month really count, but I am determined to do it!
Wish me luck!

P.S. I have also decided not to stop blogging after this year is up. After reading other blogs, I am going to do one more centred around my baking and its progression, but also with little posts of my everyday life to keep you all updated. So watch out!

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