Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Easter Baking

Just thought I would show you all what I made over easter:
Cheese Sables


 Easter Nests

Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

I had A LOT of fun!


  1. Now you're making me hungry. If I might pose a question? I guess from the flattened base of the tops of the cupcakes it's a 'splodge' on a baking tray or some such.

    Is it possible to shape them into a bowl possibly using a cake tin and then add the eggs after. From the texture I think they'd look more nest-like than the flake nests you've made.

    Not that I wouldn't eat the lot :-)

    1. Funny you should pose that question, as the recipe itself said to form the 'nests' on the icing itself.. As this was the first time I had made these, I thought that I would make them separately. But think think it would have a better nest form if I was not to pre make them.

    2. I think you were right to make them separately. Trying to form them in place would most likely have been messy and spoilt the icing.

      Out of curiosity what are those tops made from; that is if it's not giving away trade secrets ;-)

    3. Thats what i thought!
      Not at all! They are just shredded wheat crushed up stirred into melted chocolate, but it proves quite effective.

    4. I agree they look very um sticky :-).

      Now knowing what they are though I'd definitely try them in a cake tray, but possibly with the tray upside down - that is form them over the convex side rather than in the concave. That should make the inner 'bowl' smooth while keeping the rough texture on the outside. Hopefully they should twist off when cold with some gentle pressure.

  2. This all looks sooooo delicious!!!

    Heather xx